Stephanie DaleMPower Media was founded on the Gold Coast in 2004 by award-winning Australian journalist Stephanie Dale.

MPower Media is dedicated to levelling up the media playing field for:

  • small businesses
  • professionals
  • academics
  • creatives
  • activists
  • grassroots organisations.

Because it’s true what they say – a big PR budget will buy you media space. 

What is not true is that this leaves small players on the sidelines.

MPower Media is dedicated to providing you with the same high quality media training as that available to the nation’s CEOs.

Quality media and spokesperson training will assist you to:

  • Build your public profile
  • Boost your credibility
  • Develop a reputation as the expert in your field
  • Attract business
  • Get support
  • Start a movement
  • Establish a political career.

Stephanie has 25 years’ experience in media, politics and publishing. 

She is the author of three published books, a skilled media trainer and a powerful ideas coach.

Most people believe they have to rely on contacts in the industry to secure good media coverage. At MPower Media, we teach the art of respect for a free press and the value of professional relationships with journalists. With genuine news angles and straightforward communications, a good story will fly.

Stephanie Dale